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Indonesia is the largest archipelagic nation in the world. It sweeps across the richest tropical water in the world and a vast expanse of ocean between the Australian and Asian continents and divides the Pacific and Indian Ocean at the equator. At least 80,000 kilometers of coastline, the territorial waters of Indonesia includes 3.1 million square kilometers of tropical seas. Indonesia offers dramatic vistas with a topography that varies from rice paddies, mangroves and volcanoes to tropical rain forests, even glaciers. It is home to about 10% of the world’s species of fauna and flora. Culturally, the Indonesian archipelago links the peoples of Asia with the Melanesians of the Pacific islands. It has a population of nearly 250 million people, with over 17,500 islands, of which only about 6,000 are inhabited, although the vast majority of Indonesia’s population resides on the five main islands of Java, Bali, Sumatra, Sulawesi and Kalimantan (Indonesian Borneo).  There are more than 483 ethnic groups speaking over 350 district languages. The national language is Bahasa Indonesia.


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